Welcome to K9 Lifestyle

K9 Lifestyle is a Professional Dog Training and Behaviour Consultancy based in Victoria. We provide service to the Surf Coast, Geelong and Melbourne metropolitan areas.

K9 Lifestyle doesn’t just refer to a life of laying in the sun, licking yourself, chewing on slippers and crotch sniffing, it is concerned with these things…a little…but primarily, about the creation of harmonious and fulfilling lifestyles for you and your dogs. If you like the sound of this and think your dog will too, check out our site and see how we can help you.

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K9 Lifestyle – Training

Need help with training? Don’t have the time? We have one-on-one sessions with trainer and dog. Let us come and do the work for you! Learning new skills can be difficult without clear planning, correct technique and consistency.

It takes time, patience and practice to establish the right skills to train a dog. Let K9 Lifestyle help you!

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K9 Lifestyle – Walk n Train

These sessions are designed to provide mental and physical stimulation, socialisation, habituation, desensitisation and to proof leadership and obedience skills in the real world.

These sessions take place in public places suitable for the training being conducted.

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K9 Lifestyle – Classes

K9 Lifestyle’s Group Classes are an excellent way to socialise your dog in a controlled and supervised environment.

They provide mental and physical stimulation and are an affordable means of learning and practicing all the skills necessary to have a polite socially acceptable and well-trained dog.

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K9 Lifestyle – Private Lessons

K9 Lifestyle can provide you with ‘one-on-one’ help with any training or socialisation problems you may have with your dog.

The lessons run for 1 hour in duration and are specifically structured to deal with issues efficiently and effectively. They’re like an obedience class personalised just for you!

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K9 Lifestyle – Behavioural Consults

Whether your dog is suffering from a behaviour problem or you and the community around you are suffering from your dog’s problem behaviour, K9 lifestyle is experienced and ready to help.

Our goal is to provide lasting solutions to problems and not just quick fixes.

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K9 Lifestyle offers a wide range of services that promotes responsible pet ownership and balance of physical, mental and emotional needs of the canine companion. Our goal is to create a clear channel of communication between the human & canine species and bring awareness to owners of the requirements to have a balanced and content companion. Creating a harmonious relationship with your dog is attained through understanding & calm, assertive leadership.


Thank you Damian for your amazing ability to transfer our very playful lab into a very obedient dog. Your very friendly service and professional training manner was outstanding. More importantly you were able to instruct us on how to maintain Bulla’s obedience training to ensure he received a consistent ‘message’. Being able to control Bulla’s enthusiasm has certainly made walking along the beach a more enjoyable experience and his temperament is exemplary.

- Trent, Jodie and Millie