About K9 Lifestyle

K9 Lifestyle is a Professional Dog Training and Behaviour Consultancy, experienced in handling dogs and humans of all age, breed, size and temperaments; and in all humane human and dog training and behaviour modification techniques.

K9 Lifestyle was founded in 2008 and began with the dream for all dog owners to be aware of the responsibility they have towards caring for a pet, to understand their needs and requirements and to learn to correctly interpret their behaviour and communicate with them.

K9 Lifestyle Mission Statement: To create mutually rewarding and enriched relationships between humans and canines through awareness, understanding, respect and the establishment of clear channels of communication.

Damian became accredited in 2006 as a Professional Dog Trainer by completing the only Nationally Recognised dog behaviour and training qualification in Australia as listed below.

  • The National Dog Trainers Federation – Certificate III in Dog Behaviour & Training 21574VIC.

On graduating the course he was awarded the National Dog Trainers Federation ‘Trainers Award’ and has since gone on to Instruct for several of Melbourne’s largest and most successful obedience clubs; not to mention instructing and lecturing for the National Dog Trainers Federation – Certificate III course.


K9 Lifestyle takes a holistic approach that recognises not only the pet’s physical, psychological and emotional needs but that of it’s owners too! This promotes the individual personality of the dog whilst creating a pleasurable experience; not only for the pet itself, but for those who share their lives with it.

“I listen to clients and find the right training or working solution for them. By developing programs with clients and not simply for clients, I am able to make a positive difference in people’s lives”.

To be successful in modifying canine behaviour and teaching new skills to both dog and owner, a trainer needs many attributes:

  • Education
  • Understanding
  • Patience
  • Timing
  • Communication skills, both human and canine
  • Experience
  • An open mind
  • Passion
  • A broad range of skills and techniques
  • Confident, assertive and humane handling skills

K9 Lifestyle embodies these attributes!

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When you reward your dog...you're reinforcing its behaviour at that time!


"Not only did Damian’s training of my very excitable Boxer Staffy Cross give me the confidence to handle and enjoy Dodge, but in addition he went above and beyond the professional standards of training and had a personal approach with us" Read More >>