Methodology & Philosophy

image_13K9 Lifestyle promotes responsible pet ownership and balance of the physical, mental and emotional needs of the canine companion. Our goal is to create a clear channel of communication between the human and canine species and bring awareness to the requirements of a balanced and content companion.

This harmonious relationship is attained through understanding and calm assertive leadership.

Our process works by:

  • Assessing the dog’s temperament: are they timid, fearful, anxious, over-excited, over-reactive or possess strong dominance characteristics?
  • Assessing the capabilities of the family/owners: are they capable of working as a team, are they physically capable to use the prescribed techniques, are there limitations in their environment, what is their moral belief of training and behaviour modification, what is their time availability and what is their financial situation?
  • Assessing the severity of the problem or need for it to be resolved: is it life threatening, is it causing social difficulties, is it causing frustration, is it harming the dog or others, is it costing money for it to continue?
  • Assessing whether the emotional, physical and mental needs of the dog are being met.
  • Assessing which methods and techniques will suit the dog and owner the most efficiently.
  • Demonstration and application of prescribed treatment methods and plan

The K9 Lifestyle Fundamentals:

  • Be humane
  • Establish leadership
  • Create a clear channel of communication – show the dog how to ‘win’
  • Build trust
  • Build confidence
  • Build the bond
  • Promote the spirit of the dog

K9 Lifestyle is committed to supporting our clients through all stages of their training and modification process via email and/or telephone communication and personal guidance.

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