Behavioural Consults

Whether your dog is suffering from a behaviour problem or you or your community are suffering from your dog’s problem behaviour, K9 lifestyle is experienced and ready to help.

Our goal is to provide lasting solutions to problems and not just quick fixes. This is achieved with thorough investigation, and addressing all the contributing factors to the cause of the problem, not merely the symptoms of the problem.

The initial K9 Lifestyle Behaviour Consultations lasts for around 2 hours and is aimed at Observing, Assessing, Interpreting, Prescribing and where practical Demonstrating the prescribed treatment option(s).

The consultation will leave you with a tailored action plan that suits you and your dog’s individual needs. It focuses on making behavioural change as effectively and efficiently as possible, giving you tools to manage your problem straight away.

We are committed to your progress and offer free phone and email support. Follow up sessions may be necessary in some cases. New habits need to be formed and perfect practice provides proper performance.

When you make a booking with us we may need to send you a ‘Behaviour Assessment Questionnaire’, depending on the depth of the issue presented. We ask for this to be filled out and returned prior to the consult being conducted as this provides a more time efficient service. If you prefer this can be done together during the consultation.

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